Illustration and typesetting for Abraxas: Issue 3. Abraxas is a beautifully put together international journal of esoteric studies. http://fulgur.co.uk/books/abraxas/abraxas-issue-3/

Occlith: Labyrinthus Archidoxa is a planned series of 7 books (numbered 0-6) that will fuse ancient texts with modern design. The development of the series is a record of Viatorium Press' search for a modern arcane aesthetic that is durable, vital, and honors the material. This project has been in development since October of 2010, and has gone through a number of phases. Hundreds of hours of transcription work, editing of Early Modern English texts and sidenotes have been undertaken since then. Volume 0, after much toil and tribulation, is nearing completion. Viatorium hopes to have the initial volume printed offset and released by late Spring of 2013.

Below are the rough sketches, the printed proofs, that mark the journey from inception to eventual completion.

The task of searching for a Modern Arcane typography has taken many turns and proved to be a stimulating and challenging exercise...

Please pardon the less than optimum photographs of the work, this thread is meant to serve as the record of a process. These were taken on the fly with an iPhone, in the private library where the book is now lodged.

Below is Version 3 of Occlith, presented at the 2nd annual Esoteric Book Conference, which took place in Seattle in the Autumn of 2011. Two copies of this version made it out into the public sphere, out of three that were produced. Ultimately Version 3 proved much too expensive and impractical to produce.
Occlith has evolved from a student project which began in October 2010. The project continues to evolve, and its incept issue, Volume 0, is projected for release in late Spring of 2013.

Viatorium Press announces a unique new edition of the prose poems of H. P. Lovecraft. Limited to 46 copies. Letterpress + laser printing. Folding plate. Bound in black goat. Pilgrimage to Azathoth has taken first prize in the 2011 Bookbuilder's West design competition. Contact onikubi@gmail.com for further information.

Inside cover of paperback edition, Arabic translation of passage from Necronomicon.

Front cover of paperback edition, illustration from the prose poem "Memory". In the valley of Nis...

Light touch letterpress printing on dust jacket of paperback edition. Square Kufic calligraphy depicting the word "Azdat", Arabic verison of Azathoth.

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